Omi Percussion Workshop

July workshop was led by samba teams, Despertador and Feijão Preto from Osaka and Kobe which participate in the Asakusa Samba Carnival every year. Some kids from Colegio Santana immediately responded to the rhythm and started to dance.

Some people were totally new to the samba rhythm. But after working in groups for each instrument, we played together again to discover that we are together in samba!!! It was miraculous.

A principal of Colegio Santana, Kenko Nakata is inviting as all to join them to perform samba at the Kusatsu Multicultural Festival in September!

Next workshop will be held on

when: August 21 from 1pm till 4pm
where: Koto Hemsroid Village
participation fee: adult 1,000yen, child 500 yen
Please prepare yourself against heat disorder. Bring a hat and water! We will play outside under trees.

We need to know the number of participants to gather instruments. You can bring your own instruments too.

See you soon!

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