A Grandpa from Brazil was screened at the SIETAR Kansai (Society for Intercultural Education, Teaching and Research) meeting on February 12th. It was a very livery screening. The SIETAR Kansai is part of the international organization dedicated to the crosscultural understanding through education, teaching and research. Many of the members are teachers at colleges and universities, teaching language and intercultural communication.

There was a good turnout. People were responsive to the film and asked good questions at the Q&A session. One person asked if the Japanese government was doing something about making obligatory education applying to foreigners. Another person wanted to know about Mr. Konno’s reaction to the war. Other person’s question was about how I came to be involved in filmmaking. And of course they asked me how I got to know Mr. Konno and also what happened to Mr. Konno after the film. I showed them his obituaries in the Asahi and the Yomiuri.

I talked about the study guide I am making and asked them to give me feedback and suggestions when they use, especially from their intercultural education point of view. Some of them felt that the film is perfect for their class and already gave me a suggestion.

The gathering was filled with positive feelings. I felt that what they do have a lot to with what I would like to do. I am very excited at the connection I could make with them. I am hoping that I can continue to be in touch with them and work with them.

I am grateful for the people who made this screening possible.